I am Rachel Stentiford, a Registered Dietitian, and an Accredited Sports Dietitian. I'm passionate about all things food. This includes helping others understand the fundamentals of nutrition and refining their understanding to support their health and performance goals. My mission is to help all those I work with have a positive relationship with food.

I have extensive experience working as a Performance Dietitian with both individual athletes and teams. I have worked with a variety of sprint, endurance, combat, and team sports; from grassroots level through to Olympians, Paralympians, and World Champions. My career to date has taken me across the globe working with elite sporting performance programmes; in Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and most recently, New Zealand.

I have also worked as a Clinical Dietitian in both hospital and community settings. As a Clinical Dietitian, I provided nutrition support to individuals with medical and mental health issues including; diabetes, eating disorders, cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and other gastrointestinal disorders. My goal has always been to help others understand how their situation impacts their nutrition requirements and support them to make sustainable, enjoyable, and positive improvements to their nutrition choices. 


  • Postgraduate Diploma of Dietetics - Curtin University

  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) - Curtin University

  • Registered Dietitian - Dietitians Board NZ

  • Accredited Sports Dietitian - Sports Dietitians Australia

  • ISAK Level 2 Accredited Anthropometrist

  • Qualified Yoga Teacher (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra)

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